Is This The Future For Camden Market Fire Site?

By M@ Last edited 118 months ago
Is This The Future For Camden Market Fire Site?


Browsing through the skyscrapercity forums, we came across this vision for Camden Market from MAKE architects. The scheme would replace the fire-ravaged buildings still occupying the site of the 2008 conflagration.

The plans will be controversial. Anywhere else, this would be a fairly jolly example of glass and steel retail. But in the much-loved warren of Camden Markets anything other than bricks and catacombs is going to draw criticism. Camden Town is a victim of its own success. Such are the crowds who flock here that it makes good commercial sense to pack in as much retail as possible. A canal-side courtyard in this space would be a beautiful addition and add some much-needed breathing space, but market forces have to be assuaged.

There's some mystery as to the status of these designs. The plans do not yet appear on MAKE's website (we think - it's tricky to navigate and has no search facility) but can instead be found on GMJ's pages (which really takes the biscuit in poor navigation). So we're probably looking at what might be rather than what will be.

Last Updated 15 April 2009