Cabbie Decapitated In Southwark

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Cabbie Decapitated In Southwark

Christ, this one's grim. A black cab driver apparently killed himself via the novel expedient of a motorised noose in Southwark today. The unnamed cabbie, believed to be in his thirties, tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other around a lamp post. He then drove off at speed; enough speed to completely sever his head. The incident happened in Great Southwark Street in the early hours of this morning near a disused petrol station. Those first on the scene found the cab smashed against a pillar with the decapitated head laying nearby. A sad, sad way to end a life.

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Yuk, well at least he pointed the cab towards a pillar so as not to hurt anyone else.

Sad end to a short life, just what was going through his mind to make him do something like this?

Won't make any jokes about this, although I did think of some...

Rob Lugg