Bad Sex Award Winner Enters The Lady

By Lindsey Last edited 116 months ago
Bad Sex Award Winner Enters The Lady

Tea Ladies by trailerfullofpix
While her big brother's career lurches towards Eastenders and he drops another gaffe, Rachel Johnson's preparing for her next move having been appointed Editor of The Lady magazine. Last crossing our radar as winner of the Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2008, we're wondering if she landed this plum post because of her ear-grabbing, bad shagging prose, perhaps in an attempt to spice up the notoriously middle aged, wealthy readership of the antiquated mag. The place to advertise holiday homes or attract au pairs and live in housekeepers, the "First and Finest" women's weekly is probably better known for its classifieds that its editorial so we'll be intrigued to see if the change in editorship signals a sexing up revamp to attract a wider audience. Leave the smart HQ alone, though. It's an elegantly anachronistic credit to Bedford Street.

Last Updated 20 July 2009