Michael Jackson 'This Is It' Show To Go Ahead As Tribute

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Michael Jackson 'This Is It' Show To Go Ahead As Tribute

The show will go on, despite the demise of the main attraction. That's the gist of a report over on MSNBC, which suggests we'll see a 'replica' of the concerts planned for the O2 taking place in September. The cast and crew of the canceled shows will be joined by 'high-profile' singers, who will take the part of Jackson, including a rumoured appearance from Madonna. But Londoners are likely to be disappointed. There's no official word yet on a possible venue for the concert, but Los Angeles is the favourite. Still, interest in the late singer is so huge we wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of tribute held at the O2 before the summer is out. Meanwhile, Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw reckons the 'vast majority' of fans will get ticket refunds, and implores the reimbursed to spend their money on other events.

Last Updated 30 June 2009


Rather cynically, AEG are also saying that, in lieu of getting a refund, fans can instead opt to take the ticket for the originally-planned show as a "collectors item", one that might have some macabre limited-edition value... a limited edition that up to 800,000 people might share, of course. The implication being that, if you demand a refund, you're not a true fan. They're really going to try any incentive to avoid paying the money back.