Fake Banksy Pandemic Threatens Economy, Dupes Celebrity

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Fake Banksy Pandemic Threatens Economy, Dupes Celebrity

Herschell Hershey in Londonist Flickr Pool.

(Well, that set of keywords ought to keep Google happy.) The old myth that 'you're never more than 10 feet away from a rat' might be updated to reference the 'Banksy rat' in light of a recent spate of imitators. There's 'not Banksy', of course, who does a good job of openly not being Banksy. Then there's this nefarious trio from Croydon and Sussex, on trial for fraud after allegedly creating Banksy imitations and selling them on as genuine works. And in an example of sub-Beadle confidence trickery, an actor posing as Banksy was filmed dining with Joan Collins at her Oxfordshire Estate for a new 'cod reality show' to be screened at the ICA. (This after Christopher Biggins pulled out. You couldn't make this shit up.) None of this duplicity will do the artist any harm. His new show recently opened in Bristol. According to one local journo, he's finally put that hitherto obscure town 'on the map'.

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It still irks slightly you credited on of our giveaways to a gallery in the original article.

To re-emphasize, notbanksy.co.uk hasn't made a penny out of this particular subversive outing.

And isn't gallery affiliated in any way.

Keep it surreal,
ephemeral one at http://notbanksy.co.uk

PS: Even more Bristol fun in pipeline


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> "It still irks slightly you credited on of our giveaways to a gallery in the original article."

Sorry if that's the case, but I'm not sure where you're talking about. I can't see any such credit or claim on the original post.


It's the first clickable link on the post, which points to an online gallery, here:
"the piece is by Banksy imitator Not Banksy"
That link credits the wrong people for the giveaway.



Aha, I see. I guess I linked there because they had more info about Notbanksy than your own site did at the time. I did not mean to imply an affiliation - just a link to some background info. In case there's still any doubt, I've removed the link to the Aquarium stuff and now the only link is through to Notbanksy.co.uk