Banksy Canvases Roaming Wild?

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Banksy Canvases Roaming Wild?


Reader Sammo sends us this intriguing nugget:

I'm not sure if this would interest you at all, but I found what looks like it could be a Banksy canvas or at least a piss take Banksy canvas in Holloway today. It was carefully wrapped in cellophane and didn't seem like the sort of thing someone would lose, at least I hope not otherwise I've got stolen property! Anyway, it seems to be numbered out of 100. I haven't read anything else anywhere about any Banksy giveaways so thought I'd drop you a line if it's newsworthy?

The piece, found on Holloway Road, is by Banksy imitator Not Banksy, who is not Banksy but makes art that mimics Banksy. Further probing reveals that the pastiche painter will release a 'phase two' of replica art work on 1 April. Is this a self-referential, postmodern publicity stunt by Banksy. Is it all a not-very-elaborate April Fool's joke? Is the reader who tipped us off actually Banksy, Not Banksy or Not Not Banksy? How much longer will Londonist keep posting tangential Banksy stories in a bid to boost page impressions? (It works, by the way.) So many questions. Anyone got some answers?

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No answers I'm afraid but I reckon the intial 'reporter of the find' probably knows more than is letting on. The name Sammo brings Basquiat's tag Samo immediately to mind and is probably (one of) the original proponents of lost/found graffiti art.

Or maybe I'm reading way too much between the lines :)


the domain is registered to a secretive sounding 'Ephemeral One' via a german registrar

they look a bit like the guy at spitalfields who sells canvases of photos of banksy stuff.

I suspect it's someone like that.. phase 3 will probably be an online shop.


Does not Banksey happen to have a stall on Camden Market, as well as in Spitalfields? If not, I think he's peddling to a saturated market.


Very curious story this, why anyone would anyone paint and give away 100 canvases for free. doesn't give much away


Seems the site has launched now, a complete pisstake of Banksy, very clever stuff. Anyone found a canvas and want to sell? Drop me an email