'Fairer' Parking Fines Not So Fine

By BethPH Last edited 116 months ago
'Fairer' Parking Fines Not So Fine

Image by J_I_M__D
The two-tier system for parking fines introduced in London in 2007 has resulted in the unsurprising news that councils are issuing three times as many fines at the upper level than at the lower.

Originally intended to penalise offences perceived to be more dangerous, such as parking on zig zag lines (which let's face it, should be a no-brainer to anyone with an ounce of common sense anyway), councils have been described as 'cynical' for using the system to cash in on motorists parking on double or single yellow lines.

Ever quick to seize opportunities to boost revenue, councils have come up with new and varied approaches such as fining motorists with 'For Sale' signs in their cars, nabbing peeing cabbies, surcharges on fines and slapping bikers with parking charges. Add in the twin terrors of unusual road markings and misleading signage and it's (expensive) confusion all round for London's motorists.

There's not much which beats this effort by Lambeth Council though.

Last Updated 19 June 2009