Westminster Loses Yellow Line War

By BethPH Last edited 178 months ago
Westminster Loses Yellow Line War

When is a yellow line not a yellow line? When it’s not accompanied by the correct sign, that’s when. Parking campaigner Barry Segal won a victory yesterday over Westminster Council over badly-signposted parking restrictions.

The fabulously-titled Parking Fines Adjudicators, which somehow puts us in mind of the Star Trek Federation Council, ruled that parking restriction signs in central London were not clearly marked enough meaning that fines can’t be issued. Westminster Council unsurprisingly disputed the ruling. We can only assume that they are desperately trying to make up the lost £1.5bn in unpaid fines from foreign embassies, though they have at least cottoned on that clamping cars causing an obstruction doesn’t make them any less of an obstruction.

Poor old Westminster Council , first they had the fake photo evidence scandal, then their income from fines is down by 50% while they lost 94% of ticket appeals sent to the adjudicators, upsetting bikers and now this.

Let’s hope the marathon runners don’t pause for breath otherwise they could find a traffic warden waiting to pounce with a sharpened ticket.

Last Updated 24 April 2009