Cabbies Pissy Over Piss Tax

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 173 months ago
Cabbies Pissy Over Piss Tax

Image by artofthestate
Drivers of London's taxi cabs are planning a protest today over what they claim are penurious pee charges. The cabbies are irked that, with a lack of dedicated taxi parking spaces, every time they want to spend a penny they're obliged to pay the usual exorbitant central London fees, a minimum of £3. The RMT union is calling on Westminster council to waive parking charges for taxis for stops of up to ten minutes.

We feel for their plight, but we're reminded of the (perhaps mythological) law which states that, as long as they keep one hand on the roof and aim at the back wheel, a cabbie is legally entitled to urinate in public. Then again, they're also supposed to find a policeman as witness to their public todger-handling, suggesting the apocryphal rule might be part of a long-discredited sting operation for George Michael.

Last Updated 20 May 2009