Drug Bus Ad Rap

By BethPH Last edited 115 months ago
Drug Bus Ad Rap

In the beginning there was the atheist campaign, now it seems London buses are to be used to spread the word that drug use isn't just confined to shifty youths who pinch car stereos.

We know it must come as a dreadful shock to find out that nice people take drugs, so much so in fact, that the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) think it's all a bit much for some people to cope with and insist that adding the word 'too'; makes it somehow more palatable.

We're too busy wondering how they define 'nice' to be offended. 'Middle-class people also take drugs sometimes after dinner parties' doesn't quite have the same impact.

The campaign by charity Release is intended to challenge attitudes to drugs and drug users, and chairman Sebastian Saville said, 'The intellectual debate on drug control has been won and we must stop allowing politicians to adopt fundamentalist and unscientific policies solely out of fear of upsetting a handful of moral crusaders.'

In the meantime, the millions of Twittering Londoners desperate to get to work during the tube strikes are probably less concerned about bus-side semantics than eventually being able to consume something stronger than a cup of tea when they get home.

Last Updated 10 June 2009