Beauty Of Saturn Comes To Greenwich

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Beauty Of Saturn Comes To Greenwich


London seems to be Space Central at the moment. Following news that Buzz Aldrin will be in town in early July, we now hear that the key players behind the Cassini mission to Saturn will be talking at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich next week. On 25 June, Brent Buffington from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory reveals how the spacecraft is steered on its complex path. The following evening, his colleague Rosaly Lopes delves deeper into Titan, the planet-sized moon shrouded in a methane fog. Then on Saturday 27 June, Cassini's Imaging Team leader Carolyn Porco gives a visual tour of the Saturn system. Porco is one of the most recognised scientists in the world and recently acted as science consultant on the Star Trek movie (we're presuming the 'red matter' was not her idea). The talks coincide with an exhibition of Cassini images, which runs till August 31 at the Observatory.

Last Updated 18 June 2009