Spear Clear at the Dorchester

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Spear Clear at the Dorchester

0905.britney.jpg Gossip columns are getting mileage today out of a leaked list of diva demands from Park Lane. Britters is enjoying a revitalised career with a world tour and a new album. And she's on her way here. From the 3rd-14th June she's gigging at the O2 and dossing at the Dorchester. The list of the troubled blondie's in-hotel requirements include flowers that she can arrange herself, a room that has 'never been smoked in', mags and chick lit, and protected jogging routes through Hyde Park. Which at first perusal makes her sound like a proper little pop madame.

But hang on a mo. Firstly, if we were hotel management and we found that a supernova like Ms. Spears was on her way to enjoy our hospitality, we'd probably make a point of asking her if she had any special requirements. And then, if the spangly cowboy boot was on the other foot and we were Britney, we'd answer "Hell, yeah!" just for the fun of it. Londonist would need a pet cat for the duration our stay, and a personal bedtime story-teller, and magnolia blossom in every niche, oh, and maybe a sonic shower like they have in Star Trek... Anyway, you get our drift. Her requests are only daffy when taken out of context.

The real story here is why this has been allowed to come to light: surely discretion is the better part of a hotelier's valour? Just wouldn't have happened at the Savoy. Anyway, if we were her, we'd check in under the name of Salome, and demand the head of the little oik who leaked all this garbage in the first place.

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