London And The World Cup(cake)

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London And The World Cup(cake)

By Herschell Hershey via the Londonist Flickrpool
We just can’t seem to get the thought of cupcakes out of our minds this week, what with the upcoming Throwdown on Friday. Boris can’t seem to either. Despite fears that spectators might be sprinkled upon during games, he has put the Cupcake, our future Olympic stadium, forward as a potential venue for the 2018 World Cup. London, which is one of 15 cities placing bids for the Beautiful Game’s ultimate showdown, does not currently have enough large stadiums to host a World Cup sized audience. Stadiums must be able to hold a minimum of 40,000 seats for group matches and 60,000 seats for the quarter-finals. The Cupcake, which will be able to hold 85,000 seats in 2012 and 25,000 afterwards, would be readjusted to hold 40,000 seats by 2018. Apparently, refitting seats should be a piece of cake, albeit a pricey one. By Caroline Dickie.

Last Updated 27 May 2009