Cupcake Coverage Conundrum

By Lindsey Last edited 116 months ago
Cupcake Coverage Conundrum

Our Olympic stadium, April 09 by hairyegg via the Londonist Flickrpool
Boris, on an international climate change jaunt to former Olympic city Seoul, has expressed doubts about the stadium back home. Alright, it's no birds nest but the sunken cupcake with its pretty pink roof ring has worked its way into our cold dead hearts and each time there's news that it's going up ahead of schedule, our Cockney cockles warm a little. Boris may have a point though. Our gloriously unpredictable weather is proudly demonstrating its caprice right now in mid-May. Should it choose to downpour on Olympic opening celebrations in August 2012, a third of the seated spectators and everyone cavorting with the assorted Morris Dancers, Union Jacks and double decker buses in the middle will be soaked. Boris claims discussions are ongoing about raising a roof. Might we suggest he's speaking out about unpredictable weather conditions during a climate change summit, simply to keep his mug in the news while away from home?

Last Updated 19 May 2009