ES Sorry Giveaway

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ES Sorry Giveaway

By renaissancechambara under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

We noted how the Evening Standard had lost touch with its commuter base as they embarked on their apologetic advertising campaign last week. In a bid to win some readers back and usurp the ubiquitous hometime freebies the ES has now announced it will give away 650,000 copies of its new look rag on Monday. Will this optimistic largesse encourage you pick it up on your journey home? More importantly, if you do, will you be forking our 50 pee for it on Tuesday?

Last Updated 09 May 2009

Chris Coltrane

I'll definitely pick up a free copy, purely out of curiosity, and to see if there will be headlines like "How Cool is Covent Garden?" and "Wowzer, Who Knew The London Eye Was Such a Good Laugh?".

But the apology is meaningless to me without action. If they stop mindlessly printing press releases from the government, companies and the polices without question, and start doing some genuine investigative research, then I might give them my money. But I'm fairly confident that won't happen.

PS The fact that the the idea of saying sorry was created by a marketing company called McCann Erickson rather detracts from their sincerity, wouldn't you agree?


Look out for ES orange t-shirts on the streets