Londonist Goes Ghost Hunting

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Londonist Goes Ghost Hunting


We'd like to say, up front, that we have absolutely no belief in ghosts, afterlives or any form of spiritualism. But we would sooo love to be proved wrong. Tonight, we're heading down to a 'haunted' morgue beneath Greenwich's Royal Naval College for four hours of tomspookery. It's the first event in London Ghost Week, a necrocopia of ghost hunts, séances and guided walks. The investigation will be led by David Wells from Most Haunted, and includes a tour of spectral Greenwich. But we'll take some convincing. Last time we went spook-spotting we conducted what can only be described as 'Ultimate Ouja board' - attempting to contact the dead on a newly excavated plague pit, at midnight, using human bone fragments. But not a whimper. We're hoping to Twitter live from tonight's event in the hope of being (possibly) the first people ever to scoop a haunting via new media. Follow us at #Londonist.

Last Updated 24 April 2009