God Inc. of Walthamstow

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God Inc. of Walthamstow

1104.church.jpg Good to know that some churches are heaving in the aisles. And it also makes us feel better to know that some businesses are booming in this time of recession. But it always sits just a bit uncomfortably when church and business are more or less the same thing.

The Kingsway International Christian Centre near Walthamstow is expecting 5000 worshippers for its Easter services today. That's more than St. Pauls and Westminster Abbey combined. And it's amassed a whopping £9.5m in donations in just 18 months. The pastor in chief, Matthew Ashimolowo, has been investigated for financial anomalies but continues to preach his message that God really wants to 'empower us to prosper'. Which we guess is a sure-fire and brimstone way to get fervoured bums on seats in this financial climate.

But it is frankly deeply disturbing. The website offers KICC TV - a chance to watch live services or recorded sermons - with a flashing 'donate now' icon underneath. Londoners may well be accused of worshipping a chocolate mammon this Easter, but at least we can see where our money is going.

Still, it might be an idea to send some of our less adroit parliamentary bods along: the government could do with some empowerment to prosper.

Image by Darren Lehane via the Londonist flickr pool.

Last Updated 12 April 2009