Wave Of Recession-Beating Gluttony Hits London

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Wave Of Recession-Beating Gluttony Hits London

londoners choc-ful of unnecessary cherry and chocolate
We all know the articles that appear in the press in early December predicting a horrific calorie intake over Christmas. We certainly have hazy recollections of huge Chrimbo lunches that last all day, with chocolate items and alcohol insisting on filling just about any gap in the time where we might not be stuffing our faces. But we reckon that Easter can't be far off in the gluttony stakes.

Coffee, toast and, er, chocolate this morning were rudely interrupted by the 'ping' of a press release arriving from the deep innards of City Hall exhorting us to recycle more of our Easter egg packaging. Did they sense we were mid-scoff already? What on earth are the Mayor's press team doing beavering away in City Hall on Good Friday, anyway? Are they sat at their desks wolfing the Cadbury Flake Egg presents left after last night's Bo-Jo desk-drop and pondering how to influence today's news cycle - until a brainwave strikes about recycling Easter Egg packaging?

In any case they reckon that Londoners ate 20m Easter Eggs last Easter. 20 million. That's 3 per man, woman, child or gerbil. Or 17 per Boris voter in the elections last year. Now, while at Londonist Towers we are well aware of the potential accusation of hypocrisy when our very own editor this morning had already noshed at least 50% of her first egg of the day, we are right to be worried that 20m choccie eggs will be disappearing into our stomachs this weekend.

But it's not only excessive chocolate intake that's hitting us. Over at Every Posh Visitor's Favourite Department Store, Harrods, the first cherries of the season have arrived. In fact, these have even beaten the first cherries - which across Europe aren't due for a few more weeks. These ones have been specially grown in a Greenhouse in North-East Spain before being imported here - and have sold out within hours of the arrival of the delivery. And just a snip at £3. £3 Per cherry. (That's £195 for 1 kg). Apparently you can pick them up at Tesco too, for a mite cheaper, but don't tell anyone.

Press officers bagging extra overtime over Easter? People spending £3 for one cherry? 20 million Easter Eggs scoffed? Recession Reschmession.

Image from moogs' Flickrstream under the Creative Commons License

*Furtively finishes off M&S Honeypot Egg*

*Feels sick*

Last Updated 10 April 2009