Lights Out This Saturday

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Lights Out This Saturday


This Saturday, 8.30pm, join millions of people around the world in a mass blackout. For one hour, individuals, companies and iconic buildings will be flicking the 'off' switch as a worldwide awareness raiser for climate change. Think of it like an inverse flashmob - synchronised inactivity with a very good purpose. The so-called Earth Hour is coordinated by the WWF, who also want you to register your support online to help petition governments. Several high-profile London attractions have already pledged to join in, including Nelson’s Column, the Coca Cola signs in Piccadilly Circus, the National Gallery, National Theatre, Hayward Gallery, V&A museum, GLA buildings, and the London Eye. You might want to take a candle if you're walking along the South Bank. Let's dim the world together. If nothing else, we'll freak out the astronauts in the International Space Station.

Last Updated 25 March 2009


Bet you the environmentalists haven't given a single thought to what'll happen once "Earth Hour" is over and they switch all their lights back on at once.


I don't have mains electricity may I be excluded please? I barely have enough light at the best of times :)


First it was a coming ice age, then global warming, now it's "climate change" so that no matter what happens they're covered. Isn't it ironic that every proposed solution to the supposed crisis magically dovetails so perfectly with the socialist agenda?