Grafton Street Urban Gallery Artist Announced

By Lindsey Last edited 118 months ago
Grafton Street Urban Gallery Artist Announced

By Bob Chen
As of today, the development at One Grafton Street is plastered in a 19m by 43m mural, created by Royal Academy student Alex Knell. The competition was open to a public vote but the final say was sought through a panel of experts. It's one of those cuddly arty initiatives from a big old property company but still beats blank hoardings or aspirational living ads. The judges spurned our preference for the pop culture reffing E17 inspired entry but instead selected Knell's "We Are Our Future" which may topple you into the abyss of your life if you stop and stare a bit too seriously. As the curatorial blurb goes: In this work Knell examines the notions of hope and meaning, which the artist finds lacking in modern society. The work provides a platform to explore the unexplainable, creating a black hole, to see beyond the vast ocean of scientific data and information that subsumes us. Happy days.

Last Updated 19 March 2009