People On The Plinth

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People On The Plinth

gormley260209.jpg Not content with sticking naked iron casts of himself all over London, now Gormley gets a go at that fourth plinth this summer and this time he's opting for real people. 2,400 real people taking an hour's turn elevated in the north west corner of Trafalgar Square. One & Other will occupy the plinth from 6 July through 14 October and you, yes you, could have a stint where Alison Lapper sat. Participants will be selected at random but it's hoped they will represent all humanity, at all hours of the day; a succession of souls instead of statues. It's a chance to look at life from another perspective and do whatever you want, as long as it's legal, up there on your own with whatever you can carry. We've all signed up in the hope of covering ourselves in Londonist badges and spreading the word a bit. Register your interest now. (Image / Herschell Hershey)

Last Updated 26 February 2009


YAY thanks for the heads up. I really want to be a plinth person!