Antony Gormley...Mapped

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Antony Gormley...Mapped

Antony Gormley's rooftop statues are this year's Sultan's Elephant. The tourist bewilderment devices (TBDs) have been appearing on the highpoints around the Hayward Gallery like petrified chimneysweeps.

In response to our first post about this, someone suggested we map them. Well, here you go.

It's a work in progress, and we'll add to it as more of the iron brutes get erected. Let us know if you've spotted further statues, or if we've got our place markers wrong. Those without dots are either of uncertain location or have no photograph.

Last Updated 06 May 2007


one was being put up on waterloo bridge itself yesterday morning


How did you create that inline Google map like that? It looks fantastic!


Cheers Dan. The big flaw with the Google's MyMaps is that it doesn't let you use your maps on a blog. The problem is sartfully sidestepped at this site:


Please help me, a poor eedjit, figure out how to get a full sized version of this map, along with the site list?

I don't know why but it is apparently beyond me.

Nigel Pierce

one of these fantastic iron men was definitely on Waterloo Bridge, towards the northern side, on the eastern side of the bridge facing south

There are 100 of them so where next?????????


there's one atop freemason's hall in covent garden


Thanks for taking the time to actually map this.

There are now two sculptures on the actual bridge and two on the roof of the national theatre - one on the grass-covered block and one on the main building.

I'll definitely be spending some time tracking down all of them.

There is another one on top of Capital Towers opposite Waterloo Station...

david watmough

I was told that your upside down figure in the Welcome Library has no name.
I suggested 'Standing reason on its head' Any thoughts on that title ?
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