One Part Of Economy Doing Just Fine, Thank You

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One Part Of Economy Doing Just Fine, Thank You


Still no word from the Public Carriage Office on that hideously long queue of taxis waiting outside St Pancras. It probably has something to do with the fact that Eurostar is thriving. Visitor numbers from the continent rose 15% in December, as our cross-channel cousins took advantage of the weak pound for a spot of bargain hunting. Passenger numbers rose by 10% throughout 2008, despite a closure to the tunnel in September because of a fire. It's just as well business is booming. St Pancras supports a seemingly unfeasible number of eateries and bars; if the throughput of passengers does not continue to increase through 2009 we'd be suprised if they all stay in business. Image from Tezzer57

Last Updated 14 January 2009


Interesting that more people are arriving on the train but less passengers overall are using the airports. I suppose this underlines how much the brits love to fly.

Still, hopefully a weaker pound will eventually provide some sort of boost to British tourism and manufacturing. As far as I'm concerned they've been neglected for too long.

There's also the olympic factor to consider or course...


I asked a cab driver yesterday, he claimed two things:

1) there's nowhere else to wait for fares from King's Cross/St Pancras

2) business from cruising around has dropped off dramatically so more cabbies are waiting on ranks