Notes on Marketing

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Notes on Marketing

3001.piano.jpg Marketing is undoubtedly one of the emerging arts in 21st Century London (discuss), and it is hard not to admire some of the cleverer stunts that its exponents pull.

Well, here's another one - but one with perhaps greater ethical and (syn)aesthetical appeal. Clive Christian perfumes have been running a competition through the Royal College of Music, looking for young musicians to compose pieces to reflect each of their three (terrifyingly expensive) signature fragrances. Apart from a career boost, the winners will receive £1000.00 each (or about 70ml of scent, we presume, should they choose to be paid in kind), and the results are to be announced at a ceremony on Wednesday 4th February.

The marketing (maybe sponsorship is a more kindly term) thing obviously works, even if it is simply through increased product awareness: this Londonista had never heard of Clive Christian, in spite of having a very expensive perfume habit (and not a scrap of common scents). And they are supporting and promoting the arts. So we have to conclude this thing is pretty good all round.

If you want to go along to the awards concert, it is at the Britten Theatre, which is attached to the RCM in Prince Consort Road. Tickets are available here, or call 020 7591 4314.

Picture by Che-burashka via the Londonist flickr pool

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