London On Tap: Wee Have A Winner

By Lindsey Last edited 113 months ago
London On Tap: Wee Have A Winner

tapotop.jpg Back in February we reported on Ken's super compo idea to design a tap water carafe for London, to try and make asking for tap water in our restaurants a tad easier and, perhaps, more sexy. Over the last 9 months we've made a concerted effort to ask for tap water everywhere we go and have been served it up in an array of cute jugs, reusable bottles, exotic carafes and, of course, by the glass. All of which were a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the winner of the competition: the Tap Top. Does it make anyone else think of a space age hospital sample or piss pot?

Last Updated 02 December 2008


All I can think of is the poor wait staff who are going to have to try and fill thirty of those things a night from the tap. You'd need a very deep sink and narrow, arching faucet to even stand a chance. And yeah, they're ugly.