Water, Water, Everywhere But Bottle Or Tap?

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Water, Water, Everywhere But Bottle Or Tap?

Ken Livingstone's on a tap water crusade. Him and Thames Water have launched a campaign to encourage Londoners to be proud to ask for tap water, however many grannies it's been through. Not only are they extolling the quality of the water and the clear financial benefits, they're trying to make it sexy by running a competition to design a carafe worthy of holding our precious Eau de Londres.

Asking for tap water in smart restaurants is about 500 times cheaper than asking for bottled and also liberating in a snobby restaurant taboo breaking kind of way. But it ain't sexy. It really isn't.

The sort of cafes that don't even make you ask but have it on the tables or counters ready for you are the lovely hand knitted, socialisty kind of places that make us feel warm and fuzzy. Ask for tap water in somewhere more upmarket and you're not only risking waiting staff's disapproval (their 12.5% is shrinking before their eyes) but your hot date's questioning your generosity, taste and politics before you're even got the bread and olives.

Still, we've got some ideas for that carafe. Imagine: a recycled glass erotic gherkin! St Pauls rendered in pewter with a opening dome lid! We've got this compo nailed. Tap water never had it so good.

Enter the compo and read about the campaign here.

Image courtesy of Dotjay's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 20 February 2008


Oops, I'd never even thought to ask for bottled - guess that's why I don't go on hot dates anymore. Oh, that and being married.

Seriously, I'm glad someone is finally championing this cause. Bottled water seems as ludicrous as buying tinned air.


The worst thing is when bars tell you they don't serve tap water because 'it's not safe'!!!! Frankly, that's how someone cuts their tip in half...


Not safe?

I'd ask them what they wash their salad leaves in.


The thing I've noticed is that, even if you ask for tap water, you don't necessarily receive it. It's one of my biggest complaints about dining out in this town. It's like wait staff press the mute button upon my asked for a glass of tap water. So many times, they just don't bring it out with my meal. It drives me crazy.

Also, I read somewhere that something like two million plastic water bottles are discarded every hour of the day. I might have that number wrong, but I think you can get the point.


Mahgreb, Upper St N1. Not only top notch tagines but ask simply for water and get tap water. With a smile. Bloomin marvellous mint tea, too.