Beckham Rye And Other Celebrity Street Puns

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Beckham Rye And Other Celebrity Street Puns
where the streets have no name

A think tank suggests that streets and parks should be named after local celebrities, selected through some kind of X-factor-style public vote. The New Local Government Network also wants the Mayor to promise commemorative street names for any Brit who secures two or more Olympic golds in 2012 (a not unprecedented idea).

"Celebrating the achievements of local people would give areas a unique identity and focus, especially at a time when there is concern over so called 'clone towns' of identikit High Streets."

Says the report, which bears the cloned, identikit title of 'What's In a Name?'.

We like the idea, if only because it gives us an excuse for some nominative punnery. The Winehouse High-way might be a little obvious, but how about the Nick Clegg bypass?


Jade Goody Common?


We hear David Tennant Place is up for regeneration and Tony Blair Way is good for U-turns.

Sorry. See if you can do better in the comments.

On the flip side, fame is fickle, and naming things after living people can be a mug's game. Had the scheme been introduced in the 1970s, you might have been taught a lesson or two at Gary Glitter Comprehensive. Undaunted, Dartford council are pioneering in this space by naming their streets after Rolling Stones songs.

The campaign starts here for a Londonist Boulevard.

Last Updated 22 December 2008