American Embassy On The Move

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American Embassy On The Move

Perhaps hoping that it'll take anti-war protesters (not to mention miscreat millionaires) a while to track them down, US Ambassador Robert Tuttle has announced the American Embassy will depart its Grosvenor Square office for pastures new. Not to Kensington Palace, as was the plan five years ago (a move the Royal Family reportedly nixed), nor to any of the suggestions that we made last year, nor even to the old Post Office that Google Maps proposed. They are in fact off to the less regal environs of Nine Elms, in Wandsworth.

Citing security and environmental concerns, the Ambassador said that it was also important for he and his staff to be located closer to the centre of government and parliament. The move will be a decision welcomed in the wealthy homes around Mayfair, who have long despaired about the security measures, particularly the post-9/11 security barrier which would result in their homes bearing the brunt of any terrorist attack.

If approved, the existing building, designed by Eero Saarinen (best known for the TWA Terminal and St. Louis' Gateway Arch), will be flogged. Yet quite who wants to live in a heavily fortified house with a 35-foot long Bald Eagle peering over the front porch is another matter entirely - we'll leave that conundrum to the Foxtons funboys and their branded Minis.

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Last Updated 03 October 2008


it was also important for he and his staff to be located closer to the centre of government and parliament

A quick play on Google Maps suggests that Whitehall and Parliament are about the same distance from Grosvenor Square and Nine Elms, although the latter is closer to MI5 and MI6.


I'm not surprised-- American embassies around the world have been moving to new fortress facilities in recent years. Grosvenor Square is probably one of the least secure at this rate.


That's a Saarinen building? I wouldn't have guessed; it doesn't really remind me of the other ones listed, which both SCREAM "Saarinen". (See also Ingalls Rink, also known as the "Yale Whale".)


Sorry, that link apparently didn't work properly:


His CBS building in Manhattan is similarly sober; I suppose he had the more playful, curvaceous style for his fave projects while retaining a more businesslike portfolio for the money-earners.


They're moving the VISA branch to Wandsworth Town near the Ship pub, or so rumour tells me (I work opposite!)