Are the US about to pull out?

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Are the US about to pull out?

Of their Mayfair embassy, that is. Reports suggest the Yanks might be planning a strategic withdrawal from Grosvenor Square, after nearly 70 years occupation.

The U.S. Embassy (USE) is assessing various property management options, among which are continued possession of its current premises or relocation," the embassy said in a statement.

The Eagle-topped concrete box has been the target of countless protests and threats over the years, and local residents and businesses are concerned it might be targeted by terrorists. A move to a less central location – Chelsea Barracks has been mooted - would seem to make sense.

Of course, we have a few suggestions:

• Prince’s Gate. Next door to the Iranian Embassy. That’ll send a few interesting messages.

• Downing Street. Let’s see how long that special relationship lasts when the new neighbours keep forgetting to return Tony’s Flymo.

• Royal National Theatre. A move from one brutalist eyesore to another would make them feel immediately at home – and the tabloids could have fun with headlines such as ‘South Yank Centre’.

Any more ideas?

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OK this isn't strictly relevant but ...

The US embassy in Berlin is right next to the Brandenburg Gate - you know, that essential symbol of German national identity. Post 9/11/embassy bombings, new security guidelines came into effect for US embassies abroad - they had to be situated a certain distance from public thoroughfares in order to cut the risk of carbombs etc.

The US Embassy's proximity to the B'burg Gate breached these guidelines. In response, the US government allegedly asked the German government if they wouldn't mind, you know, moving the Brandenburg Gate back a couple of dozen feet or so. The German government's alleged response to this alleged request was, allegedly, unprintable. The US lot went away and had a think, and came back later, asking if the Germans would mind awfully shifting the newly-built Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a couple of thousand carefully-placed and also highly symbolic concrete blocks, instead.

(This is all scurrilous rumours, of course, but never mind, it's a good story!)

Oh, and the Americans should take up residence in the Millennium Dome - we could screw them over for rent, and god knows no-one else wants to go near the place anyway so their precious security guidelines could be upheld.

Neal R.

I think it'd make a great permanent exhibit at the Imperial War Museum.


There's no way the Americans asked the Germans to move the Brandenburg gate!

Scott Perez-Fox

Battersea Power Station. With HUGE American flags flying from the stacks.