US Embassy At Rathbone Place Post Office?

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US Embassy At Rathbone Place Post Office?

We mentioned a while back that the US embassy is considering a move from its traditional Grosvenor Square home. Google Maps seem to have the scoop on the new address. If you search for American Embassy in the UK version of Google Maps, you're pointed towards the large Post Office, just off Oxford Street (although the displayed address is correct).

The Register, who discovered this quirk, think it's a counter-terrorism measure.

Google has quite brilliantly denied al-Qaeda the possibility of using Google Maps UK to identify the US embassy in London and subsequently launching a devastating kamikaze assault on the building.

We tried a few more. While 10 Downing Street and Buck Pal are both readily found, a search for City Hall suggests only a small cleaning firm in the East End. And the O2 Dome is apparently beneath a small cloud in Watford. Wonder what happens if you search for 'Iranian waters'?

Last Updated 10 April 2007


Looking for 'Israeli embassy london' sends you to a golf club in the middle of nowhere. You'd have to be a pretty retarded terrorist. Then again look at the triumphs of the 21st July B Team


Checking for Iranian Waters points to locations in Lancashire, for the most part. I guess this is what Blair understood by the Iranians' claims.


Has anyone told the Post Office workers that they are now under threat of a devastating kamikaze assault by mis-directed al-Qaeda terrorists?

Nik Shah

Rudest of all, searching for 'London Bridge' on brings up Lake Havasu City in frikkin Arizona. This irks me.