Retired Rozzers Required For 2012 Security

Dean Nicholas
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Retired Rozzers Required For 2012 Security

Get Dixon of Dock Green on the blower. See if DCI Burnside of Sun Hill is still kicking about ('Tosh isn't, sadly). A lack of security staff for the 2012 Games has led a senior police figure to recommend that veteran officers are brought out of retirement for the Olympics.

Having outlined a £600 million pound security plan earlier in the year, officials are now concerned that there simply won't be enough able and willing bobbies to cope. So they're turning to the rozzers of yesteryear to help beef things up. It's hoped their level heads and 'seen it all before, mate' attitude would be a calming measure in the event of calamity - unlike in, say, Atlanta, when a blast at the 1996 Games led to the (largely volunteer) stewards high-tailing it to the nearest safe spot.

According to Assistant Met Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, there could "never" be enough security personnel, so as well as the likes of the Sweeney's Regan and Carter being pressed back into service, officers from across Britain will be redeployed in London, offering a rare opportunity for theft and misdemeanour for criminals outside the capital.

As noted last year, foreign police officers are also being considered to supplement security, no doubt giving the right-wing rabble rousing tabloids the perfect scapegoat should things go awry.

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Last Updated 02 July 2008