What You Think: The Londonist Reader Survey

By Lindsey Last edited 128 months ago
What You Think: The Londonist Reader Survey

We'd like to say a big thank you. A big thank you to all our readers for reading but an especially big thanks to the 274 of you who filled out our reader survey back in April.

Here are some things we found out about our sample of readers:

  • They were roughly 50/50 male and female. Over 75% were 21-40. About 75% live within London postcodes (you know, the proper ones that start with N or SW or EC etc.)
  • Amongst your favourite footwear are trainers and "hot high heels". Among our favourite footwear of yours were "anything with a velcro fastening" and "hobnail boots".
  • Over half of you check Londonist at least once a day and a good proportion can't keep away, flitting to us multiple times in a day. And about half of you use an RSS feed to keep up with us.
  • Lots of you had taken up recommendations from the site and had a good time. We were very pleased about this.
  • One of you admitted to having slept with one of our writers. Only one of you?
  • You had some lovely things to say about what you like best about Londonist and we are very grateful. As for some of the things we could do better, we're taking your comments on board. Immediately, in fact! Look:
  • For those of you who don't like the abbreviated post look on your Londonist home page, there is a choice of views. Look at the top right hand corner of the page. You can choose "View full", "View summary" or "View favourite".
  • Some of you find it difficult to search our archives or don't like the way top stories disappear off the homepage. Well, we're working on this but as a starter, see the sidebar, down there a bit on the left? Top tags? There are some pretty banners providing one click searches to topical content. Just underneath are some other tags you might want to search. We'll be improving these as we go, so do give us more feedback.
  • A big message out of this survey is that you readers want to engage more. You want to comment and debate and slap us down or agree with us and feel like part of a community. We want that too! If you have a problem commenting or registering, please let us know by emailing londonist at gmail dot com. Otherwise, please feel free to comment away. You can also interact with us at Facebook and join our group on Flickr. We'll be coming back to you with more events, walks and opportunities to mingle soon. Because we love you and want to give you badges.
  • Once again, a big thank you to everyone who participated and to all our readers. We want to make Londonist bigger, better, faster stronger so, please, keep us on our toes!

    Last Updated 15 May 2008