The Londonist Reader Survey

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The Londonist Reader Survey

Dear Readers

Where would we be without you? You are very important to us.­ After all, what point would there be in us scouring London for the very best of news, arts, events, food & drink, music and all things quirky if you lot didn¹t want to read about it?

So, we want to get to know you better. To smooch up closer to you and have you whisper sweet feedback in our ear. Or roundly lambast us for our blatant omissions and shortcomings. We won¹t know if you don¹t tell us so muster your opinions, fair readers.

We¹ve made it easy for you by designing a quick and simple reader survey and would love it if you¹d take a few moments to complete it online for us. Let us have it, straight from the hip. Help make Londonist bolder, better, faster, stronger, funnier, fitter and more relevant to your London life. Or shower us with praise. Either way, thank you.

Do the reader survey here.

The survey will be available for two weeks but that's not a licence for 14 days of procrastination. Click through now and let us know what you think.

Last Updated 31 March 2008