"Prince Of Darkness" Paid £1 To Run GLA

By Lindsey Last edited 128 months ago
"Prince Of Darkness" Paid £1 To Run GLA

Boris Johnson has appointed Tim Parker as First Deputy Mayor and Chief Executive of the GLA. Mr Parker is also nominated as Chairman of Transport for London to succeed Boris - who has happily realised he perhaps shouldn't be keeping too many plates in the air - from September. Mr Parker has agreed not to receive a salary but will get a nominal one pound a year for his trouble.

£1? Multi-millionaire or no, surely that's taking cut backs at City Hall to extreme lengths? Seems Boris' manifesto delivery crusade continues; in this instance to get value for the taxpayer and to run the city in a "more business-like, transparent manner".

Not one to mince words, the ever bullish Bob Crowe, leader of the RMT, let us all know that Mr Parker has a reputation as a ruthless businessman from his track record with big corporates like Clarks, Kenwood and the AA, earning himself the nickname "The Prince of Darkness".

We can't help giggling that the Blond Bombshell has appointed the Prince of Darkness to be his minion. Perhaps some more Photoshopping needed here?

Image courtesy of BD007 from the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 23 May 2008