On Harrying Harriet…

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On Harrying Harriet…

Now Londonist loves nothing more than to lambast the more-often-than-not witless or unwitting honourable members for London, whatever hue they be. But occasionally it behoves us to buck the trend and defend them.

Today it seems to be Harriet Harman’s turn for a ribbing. Her scandalous action? A walk around Peckham/Camberwell sporting a stab-proof vest. Ah, but this dame is no Jacqui Smith, she of the chauffeur-driven kebab. Ms. Harman was on the beat with bobby, talking about improved community policing and no doubt uttering ministerial words of encouragement. Her donning of the offending garment merely reflected what her escorts were wearing, and whilst she doesn’t exactly look like one of the boys, she certainly doesn’t come over as a pampered political poodle.

Our moles in Peckham can report that the Labour Deputy Leader does in fact mix with the hoi polloi on a fairly regular basis. She does pop up in the hood, unescorted and unvested, and seems genuinely fond of and concerned about her inner city constituency.

She is of course no goody-two-shoes, but this Londonista reckons that just for today the daggers should be drawn elsewhere.

Not-quite-what-we-were-looking-for picture from Andrew Brown’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 01 April 2008