Mayoral Roundup: Busy Ken, Quiet Boris

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Mayoral Roundup: Busy Ken, Quiet Boris

So what are the weary vote-chasers' final offers? Ken Livingstone has been in Vauxhall launching a poster campaign advising Londoners to imagine Boris Johnson in charge of a £39 billion public transport improvement programme. It's punchline? "Suddenly, he's no joke." Then he launched his manifesto for women and ignored another YouGov poll while his office responded tartly to a hit and run attack by TravelWatch chairman Brian Cooke. Apparently, Brian wasn't keen on the Freedom Pass going 24 hours either.

Meanwhile, Londonist has no idea where Boris has been. His team tends to keep these things to itself. But there was a party political broadcast and both he and Ken and Brian Paddick took part in the final TV debate of the campaign on Sky last night. Livingstone will be in west London today, including Southall. Londonist will be there too, if it has the strength.

By Dave Hill

Last Updated 29 April 2008


This article is laughable. Rather than launching poster campaigns and dealing with other media flummery, Boris has been out on the ground, meeting the people he wants to represent.

You might choose to take a look at the news section of Boris' website. In the last week, Boris has been campaigning in Elephant and Castle, Tottenham, Balham, Kensal Green, Westminster, Croydon, Bromley, Bexley, Havering and Redbridge, Eaves Housing for Women, the London Boxing Academy, Smithfield Market, the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, Billingsgate Market and Pimlico Plumbers! This is in addition to the Sky News mayoral debate and appearing on LBC and BBC Radio London.

I suggest Dave Hill signs off with 'Dave Hill' rather than 'Londonist' as this Livingstone hack can make no claim to trying to represent the campaign in an objective way.


Well said. Or perhaps 'Guardianist' would be a better monicker. Despite being assured by one of his fellow Londonist scribes that he was gonna provide independent coverage of the race, I'm afraid I've found Mr Hill to be brain-dead for Ken throughout the campaign.

Whatever. Keep poundin the pavements, Boris.


Seriously guys, have you actually read the article past the title? It looks fairly balanced to me – if fact the only 'criticism' that I can discern seems to be about Ken ignoring the YouGov poll.

Could it be that some supporters of the Blonde Buffoon have got their Tory-Self-Righteous-Indignation attached to a hair-trigger at the moment? Seems that their shrill Daily Mail-esque shrieking has gone off a bit early this time.

Save it for Thursday, guys. You'll have plenty of opportunity to spout off then, one way or another...


I do trust that the first two commenters are as incensed about the Evening Standard's incredibly biased pro-Boris campaign as they are about the Livingstone-loving line they accuse Londonist of toeing (without a shred of evidence, naturally).

If the sub-Standard hadn't divested itself of all integrity long ago, I'd be quite worried about the effect Andrew Gilligan's relentless muck has had on the paper's reputation.


So because the ES is biased (as it undoubtedly is) it's alright for Londonist to be so, too?

DeanN - how's this for evidence - quote the piece itself...

"Londonist has no idea where Boris has been. His team tends to keep these things to itself."

It took me (a Paddick voter as it happens) about 30 seconds to find that list of places where Boris had been. It's a balls out lie. I've just noticed Dave uses the wrong 'it's' too. Tsk.


esotericbadger - it surprise me little that you're a Paddick fan - you're about as dour and humourless as the Lib Dem candidate himself.


And you resort to personal slurs as quickly as Ken Livingstone (dick).


There's no excuse for a dodgy 'its' - apologies esotericbadger. And thanks for linking up Boris' activities.