Met Support Services Strike

By Lindsey Last edited 130 months ago
Met Support Services Strike

Up to 9000 members of the Public and Commercial Services Union, including security staff at the Houses of Parliament, Police Community Support Officers, Traffic Wardens, 999 Operators and admin support staff will be striking - most pointedly - on Budget Day, 12 March, to protest against a below inflation pay offer.

Seems union action is rumbling all around London at present. Yesterday we reported on the mobilisation of bus drivers for standardised pay and conditions and, today, it's not only the Met support workers but tube workers waving the strike card as well, over continued concern about safety issues.

Taking another look at that list of pissed off workers again makes us sigh. Alright, we can probably do without the traffic wardens but all the others are crucial to London's infrastructure and we imagine their salaries aren't terribly satisfactory in the first place. It's dismal that it's always the unglamorous but essential groups that get targeted for screwing.

Cripes, our inner Trot's erupting. Power to the people!

Last Updated 06 March 2008