Extra, Extra

By Julie PH Last edited 130 months ago
Extra, Extra
Pretty Barbican lights
  • Another day, another transport strike looms: this time it’s South West Trains.
  • Quick: What’s 7 + 8 + 4 + 9? Did you have to use your fingers to complete the calculation? Half of Londoners do. And it’s costing us £500 million a year.
  • Right, so the money goes to a worthwhile cause, but please don’t name your child Ulysses.
  • We’ll take our greens with a side of green, please: Camden Council wants to reduce its carbon footprint by asking workers and residents to cut back on meat and dairy. We can forsake the occasional late-night kebab, no doubt, but less cheese? Has the world gone mad?
  • Don’t read this if you have a fear of rodents. Or a toilet in your home. We warned you.
  • Traffic’s going to be hellish this Arctic Easter weekend. Or it isn’t. We’re not sure. Why hedge your bets when there are so many lovely things to do in town?
  • Barbican image courtesy of Michael Wailes’ photostream via the Londonist Flickr pool

    Last Updated 19 March 2008