Ready, Steady, Fight!

By Talia Last edited 133 months ago
Ready, Steady, Fight!

Random events with no purpose make us giggle - so we're very happy to report that the glory of Leicester Square will be invaded by a bunch of people designed to scare and amuse the tourists this weekend. Yes, those funny folk at Mobile Clubbing are back with... PILLOW FIGHTCLUB!

Your mission this Saturday (22 March) is to show up in Leicester Square with a pillow hidden in a plastic bag. At exactly 15.03, pull the pillow from the bag and fight anyone else with a pillow.

We love it! Even better, it's part of Pillow Fight Day meaning pillow fights are going on all around the world and we hope our fellow -ist'ers all get involved. We'll see you there, feathers in hand and hopefully bring you pictorial evidence of this spectacular Saturday afternoon as soon as we can.

Last Updated 19 March 2008