Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Our Amy dedicates her Grammies to London. Respect.
  • Bozza on the buses. Well, his thoughts on kiddie crime therein at any rate.
  • It’s London fashion week. We don’t rock to that beat, but we thought we’d better mention it. Any fashionistas out there who'd care to comment on it?
  • Brits do OK-ish at Baftas: could do better. B-.
  • Waltham Forest can’t afford to keep its library or art gallery open, but it can afford a £200,000 pa chief exec.
  • Nary a day goes by without a stabbing or two. Londonist is disturbed.
  • The Camden Fire is still a bit of a mystery, but the big clear up has begun.
  • It’s-nearly-that-day-again photo courtesy of Benjamin Stockwell’s flickr stream.

    Last Updated 11 February 2008