A New Year's Message From Ken

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A New Year's Message From Ken
Monarch of the Ken

Move over Queenie. The Mayor has his own seasonal message.

As you might imagine, it’s all good news. London is now the business capital of the world. Two million extra passengers a day are carried on the buses than in the 1990s. Crossrail funding is secured. Cycling has doubled. We’re chairing the C40 group of cities fighting climate change. And so on and so on.

Although he begins by saying that 2008 will be a special year for London (from August, we become official Olympic hosts), there is no mention of the impending Mayoral elections. No such coyness from Boris Johnson, whose own New Year missive calls on voters to oust Livingstone, accusing the Mayor of “wastefulness bordering on corruption”.

Yawn, yawn. Here's a picture of a pig that looks like Boris Johnson.

Last Updated 02 January 2008