Touch Up London #70: German Tubes

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Touch Up London #70: German Tubes

Last week we challenged you to peer into alternative universes and find out what London would have been like had history taken a different course.

Roll the Dice sent in this Teutonic take on the Tube. Had the Germans won either of the world wars, the London underground might now look something like this. We'll leave you to make the inevitable wisecracks about efficiency and punctuality in the comments.

Now, we're offering £20 to whoever can send in the best image of a parallel universe London by the end of the year. Be as inventive as you like. What would London look like if Christopher Wren had had a thing for flock wallpaper? What if the Soviets had nuked us? Or the Spanish Armada had taken the Thames?

Boot up Photoshop, knock up an image and send it to londonist at gmail dot com

Competition rules are completely arbitrary and below board. Basically, whichever entry we whimsically feel is the best will win the cash.

Last Updated 04 December 2007