Touch Up London #69

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Touch Up London #69

If Napoleon had won, Trafalgar Square would have been a very different place. For starters, it would have probably been called Austerlitz Square, or something. And there would be no need to employ hawks to scare off the pigeons. A set of imperial eagles would have sorted that one out.

Why don't we make this a theme? Please send in your images of how the capital might have looked had we not won certain wars. We'll give £20 to the creator of the best Touch Up London Parallel Universe image. So get photoshopping and send entries to londonist at gmail dot com.

Image created by M@ based on a Flickr image by rrubio.

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???????? Napoleon was french not spanish. We didnt fight the french, we fought the spanish armada


Er.. we fought the French AND the Spanish. In fact, we have spent a lot more time over the past 1000 years fighting the French than the Spanish which included the 100 years war. (Although the author Terry Pratchett once commented "If it lasted 100 years, they cant have been trying that hard")