Adverts For Banksy Action Figures?

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Adverts For Banksy Action Figures?

Everyone who hates Banksy, move along, please. The following will rile you, and we wouldn‘t want to cause readers any undue anguish.


This selection of bizarre posters is pasted on the corner of Goswell Road and Wakley Street. The one on the left seems to be an advert for a genuine magazine. The other three, all repeated throughout the neighbourhood, are at first a little more baffling. A cack-handed advert for a human blender, a quarter-baked stab at Olympic satire and there, on the far right, a goonish character throwing shapes.

What can it all mean?

The posters appear on the same building as works by Faile and Banksy. Clearly, the style (if such it can be called) is very different to either of the famous street artists. But there is a link. The end poster is not by Banksy but about him.


It seems to be derived from the Banksy action figure, created by artist Mike Leavitt around a year ago. But that doesn’t explain the purpose or content of the posters, or who's pasting them up. If anyone knows what these are about, we’d be curious to hear.

Thanks to David Warwick for the tip-off.

Last Updated 05 November 2007


this is Mike Leavitt, the guy who made the original Banksy "action figure". at risk of both submitting myself to personal scrutiny and simply spoiling the surprise, i have a little information about the postings. these posters are simply designed to promote The Art Army project in general, considering the good prospects of an upcoming Art Army action figure debut exhibition in the London area sometime in 2008 or 2009. as i'm huddled away in the backwaters of Seattle U.S.A., i'm not in control of the Banksy action figure postings, nor do i have a more specific explanation of their purpose at this time. my honesty and candor has put me in awkward positions in the past. but i appreciated this interest in my work enough to offer a response that i hope is helpful.


The Olympic logo spells SHIT. I remember seeing it posted on straight after the Olmypic logo was announced -- apparently forwarded anonymously.

I doubt anyone famous created it, more likely some unknown on Photoshop in his lunchbreak.