We've Killed Our Guests

By M@ Last edited 126 months ago
We've Killed Our Guests

That's right, in the computer room, with the lead piping. Guest commenting is no more. To cut down on spammers, trollers, nobbers, roarers and general troublemakers, commenting on Londonist and any other 'ist' blog now requires you to sign in. It's dead easy, though. Just follow the prompts at the bottom of any post, or at the top left of this page. Signing in also allows you to keep track of your comments and other activity on the site. If you want to learn more, and read all the outraged comments this change inevitable draws, here's a note from our Publisher.

Last Updated 16 October 2007

diamond geezer

Well that's a shame.

You've only had 20 comments in the last week, and half of those would have been disallowed under this new "no guests" restriction.

I'm sure that, somewhere else in the Ist-universe, this latest move is going to be enormously helpful in preventing "scandalously racist and anonymously rude commentary". But, here in civilised London, our problem seems to be that we don't talk enough.

We Londoners need to try much harder to join in, and I fear that enforced registration will have quite the opposite effect.