New Gormley Statue For The City

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New Gormley Statue For The City

Antony Gormley continues his conquest of our town with this, his first piece of artwork in the City of London. 'Resolution' can be found on the corner of Shoe Lane and St Bride Street - an area surrounded by construction work.

Gormley describes the piece: "Seen from afar it looks like a man, from close up it looks like a city. It is wonderful to be able to site a work that interacts with the daily life of the street". It didn't really 'interact' with us on our visit - in fact it was completely motionless. Perhaps challenging it to a game of Jenga was a mistake.

The Gormley statues around the Thames have now been removed, and the Blind Light exhibition is closed, but five permanent Gormley pieces can be found in other locations around town: The Roundhouse, Greenwich Peninsula and three locations on Euston Road.

Last Updated 28 October 2007