Londonist Walk Tomorrow! Plus Nocturnal After-event

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Londonist Walk Tomorrow! Plus Nocturnal After-event

Just one day to go until the third FREE Londonist guided walk. In a nutshell, it's a tour of the more macabre side of Bloomsbury starting at 7pm tomorrow (Fri 11 Oct) outside Atlantis Books, Museum Street. But more details here.

We've also negotiated discount tickets for a remarkable and related event taking place later that evening.

Curzon Soho are screening several films about London at night, interspersed with readings from the awesome Night Haunts, by author Sukhdev Sandhu. It's a book every Londoner should read.

From 9pm in the bar: watch the 'NightBus Project' by Richard Primrose; a photo-documentary about late-night anecdotes in central London.

PLUS: DJ set from Alexander's Festival Hall playing a heady mix of electronica/jazz/lounge/cinematics/brokenbeats.

From 11:15pm in the screen: watch a selection of London night-time films interspersed by readings from Sukhdev Sandhu, accompanied by aural soundscapes from Scanner.

Details of the films here.

Tickets are selling for £10, but anyone coming on the walk can claim a discount, getting in for £7.

Let us know at londonist-at-gmail-dot-com if you're interested in attending these events.

Last Updated 11 October 2007