Greenwich To Get A Makeover?

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Greenwich To Get A Makeover?

Greenwich Indoor Market is fab. There's nothing more enjoyable than a stroll around all the little stalls on a Sunday. Thankfully, plans to knock it down and turn it into flats were scuppered after public out cry (no shock there then). But new plans have been uncovered to revamp it and keep the locals happy.

Hopefully, this means that the market will get a nice new roof, and the possibility to open all week - bringing much more money to the ever energetic market traders who are out there at the crack of dawn setting up for the day. Even when they're hungover. The older shops will be replaced with something brand spanking new.

What we're not so sure about is the suggested boutique hotel. For a start we're unsure of where it'll go. And it might look a bit weird. But apparently they're going to make it in keeping with the original features so Londonist is going to hold judgement on this for a while.

Cute little hotels aside, it's sounding good so far. And Greenwich could do with a hand in the tourism department after the Cutty Sark getting torched. As long as no one starts suggesting they knock it down again, Greenwich Indoor Market could get the revamp it needs without annoying every single person who lives there.

We'll keep you posted about what's going on, but you can keep up to date here. In the (Greenwich) meantime, tell us what you think.

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Last Updated 15 October 2007