Street Wars Hits London

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Street Wars Hits London

It's been another busy week for Derek. As the numbers get whittled down (that's a lot of water pistolling) the targets are getting harder and harder. The whole of London is the playing area so as handy as it would be to target your next door neighbour, it's not all that likely now things are hotting up. So now, Derek is going to have to travel a lot further than he was expecting.

Obviously, we can't tell you where. That would ruin things again. We can tell you that there have been lots of stakeouts and sneaky hiding outside houses. At five in the morning no less. Things are getting really serious.

Derek's targets are getting much more suspicous too. Well who wouldn't be at this time? We'd be wary of anyone we thought was going to squirt us in the face with water. But, it turns out Derek is still beating off any competition. He gets his next kill no problem. Even with his target trying to out run him down the windy little backstreets of the city.

And what about those fighting Derek? Well, the pressure is getting to them too. Obviously, we've got to keep fairly cryptic about details, but they seem to be showing their hand too soon. Making it much easier for Derek to dodge them and sneak away.

So what happens now? Well like we mentioned last week. It's down to 'sudden death'. It's a bit of a wet free for all. The whole point is to kill the Supreme Commander, which we imagine is going to pretty difficult. He's got a funky name and everything. We'd rather be called Supreme Coomander than Derek. He's even got bodyguards. They players have got until Thursday and after that it's pistols down and then everyone is suddenly all nice to each other and gets drunk. Though we're not sure how the tube strike will affect this. No one can get anywhere to do any squirting and there are not safe places to hide.

Do we think Derek is up to it? Of course. Stalking people in the early hours, irritating repeat kills and rumours of camouflage gear as well? What more could you ask for from our very own secret agent? We'd happily let him rescue us from a burning building.

Just a game? No, it's much more than that. It's war.

Photo of your wonderful London playground at night from Vic's flickr photostream.

Last Updated 04 September 2007