Street Wars Hits London

By London_Sian Last edited 137 months ago
Street Wars Hits London

Remember Derek? Our very own secret agent? Well he's still roaming the capital with his water pistol. He's not too happy with the pseudonym but appears to have forgiven us. And what a busy week he's had.

First, there was a stakeout at an embassy. Sorry, even we don't know which one. Then he kills people and then has to do it again. Now before we go any further, let us stress to the said victim that this is a game. Games are much better for everyone when people play fair and don't be sore losers. Otherwise no one will want to play with you anymore and you'll have to go home to your mum. Derek certainly didn't want to be his friend now. He later sprayed him right in the face to prove that point. Go Derek! Go Derek! Londonist fears a team of cheerleaders might ruin his cover (even ones in camouflage) but you get the picture.

Now, don't forget, while Derek is running around the streets of London trying to hunt people, he is also being tracked as well. Or is he? To be honest, Derek doesn't really seem to know of anyone hunting him most of the time. A few strange events, but nothing concrete has led us to question where Derek's assassin is and whether or not the pressure got too much and he went on holiday. Either that, or our Derek is far too sneaky and keeps out witting them at every turn. This is probably more likely. But Derek doesn't seem to be bothered. In fact we discovered, instead of playing shooting games in the rain, Derek decided to take it easy and play shooting games on his Playstation. Until Londonist had a word with him.

A few stern words from Londonist later (we regret to inform you that 'Big girls' were mentioned) and Derek was back out in the field. Not long after, he reports to us that he's got the target in the bag! We are very happy, but all too aware that Miss Moneypenny never had to take such drastic measures. Hopefully Derek has now got a reboosted confidence and will get back out there to keep us all amused.

There's only one week left of Street Wars. This means one week of mayhem before 'sudden death' - a mass water squirting free for all which looks like so much fun we might even join in. But we'd just resort to squirting each other and our friends, which isn't really the point. Instead we'll leave it to the pros and keep you updated about what Derek is up to. Hopefully this will be shooting and killing and winning. Because it's not the taking part that counts. And you can tell our mums we said that.

Just a game? No, it's much more than that. It's war.

Last Updated 27 August 2007